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About Mrs. Leslie
Drama, Romance

1954 | 4:3 | BLACK & WHITE | Quality: Excellent

Shirley Booth

Robert Ryan


Tender and touching, About Mrs. Leslie is a definite tearjerker. Mrs. Leslie (Shirley Booth) is a lonely rooming house landlady who constantly reminisces about her past involvement with the mysterious George Leslie (Robert Ryan), who originally hires her as a vacation "companion" but tells her nothing of his life outside the vacations. In subplots, Mrs. Leslie's tenants and neighbors carry on soap-opera lives all under her watchful and motherly eye as she tries to steer them away from trouble, as well as come to terms with what her life has become. Hollywood legend Harry Morgan appears in a quite unfamiliar role for him, and pulls it off very successfully.

For a fine example of one of America's greatest actresses, one only needs to watch Shirley Booth. She acts everyone else off the screen in this picture. She was a very low-key, plain-looking woman, with a low and scratchy speaking voice, but she will win your affection, amaze you, and ultimately break your heart. Even though she looks sort of like she could be Robert Ryan's mother, or at least his older sister, you don't have a moment's doubt that this handsome and successful man could fall for and maintain a long-term relationship with her by sheer merit of her personality alone. Booth unfortunately lacked what Hollywood considered glamor, but she was chock full of talent and charisma.

Co-stars: Marjie Millar, Alex Nicol, Eilene Janssen.

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